About Us

paw1My Best Friend’s Pawstry Shop is a family-owned and operated business, dedicated in celebrating the special bond between owners and their pets.  It all began with a simple desire to make nutritious, wholesome, and preservative free homemade treats for our border collie, Sergeant along with his canine buddies.  Before we knew it, we began receiving repeated requests for our homemade treats.  We have come a long way since our first tray of canine treats was baked.  We are  fully licensed and registered with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.  All of our products are laboratory tested. A professional culinary chef has joined our team, helping in the development of the best canine treats we can offer your pet.  One thing that will never change as we grow is our passion for canines.  Each treat will continue to be hand-rolled and hand- cut using only the highest quality ingredients available.


Sergeant was my heart he was a constant companion,

he was the reason for the start of our business.
Sergeant has been gone almost two years and we still miss him.
With Sergeant passing and with such large paws to fill we now have three dogs
and each of these dogs have such different personalities.
I can not help but think that Sergeant played a role in picking  them for us from the Rainbow Bridge.


Meet Our Dogs
Swagger is our special needs dog. Unfortunately his Mom jumped in the whelping box on him when he was three days old and he sustained a brain stem injury. With his prognosis bleak we offered to give him a forever home. Swagger is one of the happiest dogs we have ever met; he may learn a little slower than most dogs and his learning methods may be unorthodox but he learns.  This young dog teaches us that with trying, anything is possible!Sequel this is Swagger’s sister and we call her the care giver. She is the sweetest, gentlest and most lovable little Border Collie you could ever want. We got advice from a therapist that Swagger could use a dog his own age to model after, so we decided to let him pick a litter mate to bring home. Who would have known that this little dog would have taught Swagger so much and that having two border collie pups at one time would have been so much enjoyment!Alfonzo is now the third dog we have added to our family in the last two years. We like to call him Curious George, nothing gets by him. He is a thinker and one of the smartest dogs we have ever had. He is the dog about town, he is Mister Social he likes every dog and person he meets!